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System Upgrade Completed - 2-14-2023 - Important Information

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You may notice that the button bar at the bottom of the editor is no longer available. It has moved to the menu, making the addition of documents and files more streamlined, including within pagebuilder pages. You will likely find yourself using "Document" to add meeting & budget documents and "File" to add in-line images and transient PDFs. 

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Mission statement

We, the members of the Woodcliff Lake Police Department, are committed to providing the highest level of law enforcement and public service to all those who live, work and visit our community. We shall fulfill our duties with professionalism and pride, and with fair and impartial application of the laws.

Our main objective is to support and protect our community with an emphasis on honesty, integrity, compassion and sound judgement.

Core Values = P.R.I.D.E.

Professionalism - Demonstrating excellence with leadership, cooperation, dedication and attention to detail. 
Respect - Demonstrating appreciation for human dignity, diversity and individual rights while holding reverence for human life above all else. 
Integrity - Consistency adhering to honest, ethical behavior and accepting responsibility for our actions.
Discipline - Exhibiting proper conduct and self control in the face of adversity through a commitment to training and organization standards.
Enthusiasm - Serving with passion and a sense of urgency to make a difference in our community.