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911 For Any Medical Or Fire Emergency

Please report any wrong or changed numbers to cmalloy@wclpd.com or call the Records Division at 201-391-8222
Administrative Services
Borough Administrator: 201-391-4977 X 216
Borough Clerk: 201-391-4977 X 218
Borough Finance Department: 201-391-4977 X 202
Borough Health Department: 201-391-4977 X 208
Borough Building/Construction Department: 201-391-4977 X 209
Borough Tax Assessor: 201-391-4977 X 220
Borough Planning / Zoning Board: 201-391-4977 X 206
Borough Municipal Court: 201-391-5701
Borough Tax Collector: 201-391-4977 X 201
Borough Mayor's Office: 201-391-4977 X 210 Borough Road Department: 201-391-3172
Borough Sanition Department: 201-391-3172
Borough Recycling Center: 201-391-3172 201-652-3800
Large File/Surveillance Video Upload
1. Click "Large File Upload" Button below
2. New window will open. Click "+" icon
3. Select file to upload. Click "Next"
4. Enter your email address & message or case number
5. Enter recipient email "detectives@wclpd.com". Click "Send"