Chief of Police Anthony Jannicelli

2001 - Present

Welcome to the Woodcliff Lake Police Department web site.  2014 was the 60th anniversary of our agency.  I have attempted to preserve the best from the past, as well as continuing to be on the cutting edge of training, equipment, and personnel.  We are committed to providing the highest quality of service to those who live and work in Woodcliff Lake.  We have continued to build on our programs, established over many years of dedicated commitment, in order to provide a pro-active approach to law enforcement.  We have established our Community Policing Sector Program, which has been given both media and national attention, being published in the IACP Police Chief magazine. Residents and businesses have officers assigned to their neighborhood and business.  Please reach out to your sector officer for any “non-emergency” needs or questions.  As you go through this web site, you will be introduced to the many areas, services and programs that your Police Department has to offer you.  I will be including and updating information here, that I submit to the Borough News Letter.

Thank you, Chief Anthony Jannicelli, Woodcliff Lake Police Department.







Police Headquarters Desk:  Our Police Headquarters desk is open during business hours Monday-Friday.  Mrs. Nancy Flower, our administrative assistant, covers the desk.  She is there to assist residents with information, report copies, as well as, assisting with administrative tasks for me and our officers.  Our officers are patrolling Woodcliff Lake 24 hours/day and can be reached via the Central Radio Dispatcher at 201-391-8222. If you respond to headquarters after office hours, there is a “call box”, to the left of the doors, to connect to dispatch to request an officer. Just because our desk is closed, does not mean that our officers are not patrolling the Borough. 


Removal of Ice and Snow from Vehicles/Sidewalks: Both statewide and borough ordinances

require the removal of snow from vehicles, as well as clearing sidewalks, especially in the area

of our schools.  Summonses can be issued for those safety violations.  Thank you.


 STOP For Pedestrians in Crosswalk: Title 39:4-36  Effective April 1, 2010- This law has been amended from “yield” to pedestrians.  Drivers must make a complete Stop for the Pedestrian in a crosswalk.  Pedestrian crossing Mid-Block is only legal when no vehicles are approaching.  If a pedestrian causes an approaching vehicle to stop, the pedestrian can be issued a summons.


Ride-Along Program- This program is still in existence.  Anyone over the age of 18, who lives or works in Woodcliff Lake, may take part.  Participants will get a tour of our police station and will see the equipment carried in our patrol cars.  The ride-along will be with an officer, giving you a tour of the town from the “police perspective”.  Participants must call for an appointment to 201-391-8222, M-F 8 am -4 pm, and will be required to sign a hold harmless waiver. 


Overnight Parking Requests: Borough ordinance restricts parking vehicles between 2:00 am

and 6:00 am.  This allows our officers to discover suspicious, abandoned or stolen vehicles. 

Residents may ask for permission to park a registered vehicle overnight of a guest or for

driveway repairs.  Call us at 201-391-8222. We will not be granting permission for roll-off

dumpsters or overnight parking pending snow storms.  During snow emergencies, no vehicles

will be permitted to park on borough streets.


Cell Phone/Texting Violations: Changes in penalties for using hand held-cell phones, while operating a vehicle, will now result in a fine increased to $200-$400, as well as a mandatory court appearance. This includes all “hand held” functions of the cell phone, including texting and GPS.  If using the phone for the GPS function, secure it in a GPS type holder.


Nixle: Community Notification System: In conjunction with Nixle, this agency participates in the Nixle program for emergency, advisory and community notices via text and email messages. Residents may go and log on to Nixle (, set up a user name and password, and list your address or closest cross-street. 


Disregard of Crossing Guard’s Directions:  Title 39:4-80.1 makes it a traffic offense to disregard the directions of a school crossing guard. School Zone Parking/Speeding: Parents are reminded to observe speed limits, as well as proper parking, especially when picking up children.  It is illegal to pick up or discharge passengers in the middle of the roadway, as well as to park within 10 feet of an intersection and 50 feet of a stop sign.  Do not drop off children less than 50 feet from the stop sign at Rose Ave. and Woodcliff Ave.  Sign posted


Community Policing Sector Officers- Over the past three years, several officers from this agency have retired, resulting in both new hires and promotions.  This resulted in our new officers being assigned to “Community Policing Sectors”, that were originally established in 2002.  New officers assigned to these sectors, begin a canvass to introduce themselves to the approximately 200 homes in their geographic sector area.  These officers will update our in-house contact records, including information regarding anyone in the home that is handicapped, emergency phone numbers, and alarm information.  This officer will present you with a business card as well as a letter from me describing the program. This officer is YOUR point of contact for any questions, or non- emergencies.  If your sector officer is not on duty the time you call, you can leave a message.  In the event of any emergency, officers on duty will handle that call.  New Sergeants have also been assigned as the point of contact for our business sectors. Check our web site, Community Sector Program, to identify your assigned officer


Toys For Tots Program – USMC Reserves The Woodcliff Lake Police Department, in conjunction with the USMC Reserves, is conducting its Annual Toys for Tots program. The mission of the U.S. Marine Corp Reserve Toys for Tots Program is to collect new, unwrapped toys and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to needy children in the northern New Jersey area. We will be collecting new, unwrapped toys between

November 19th and December 17th at the Woodcliff Lake Police Department, 184 Pascack Road. For more information contact P.O. Powers or Nancy Flower at 201-391-8222, or visit our web site at


Under Age Drinking: Borough ordinance prohibits the possession or consumption of alcohol on private property for individuals under 21 years of age.  Parents are urged to instruct their underage children to immediately leave a party where alcohol or illegal drugs are available to them.  Failure to do so may result in charges, even if they did not consume alcohol.


This agency actively participates in these National Highway Safety Campaigns:

You Text, You Drive, You Pay: Hand-Held Cell Phone / Texting Violation Enforcement

Click it or Ticket: Seat Belt Use Enforcement

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over: DUI Enforcement

Put the Brakes on Fatalities: Speed Enforcement- This agency utilizes both in-car RADAR, as well as hand-held LASER devices.

Full Stop or Traffic Stop:  Full stop at stop signs


Woodcliff Lake Police Department Web Site - for updates.


Have a safe Fall and Winter,

Chief Anthony Jannicelli

Woodcliff Lake Police Department